Podcast 1

Podcast 1: Introduction to English Pronunciation

by Charles Becker

Introduction to English Pronunciation

This podcast provides important background information about American pronunciation and an overview of what you will learn using this podcast.

Welcome to our very first podcast!. English pronunciation pod is hosted by accent reduction specialist- Charles Becker. It is broadcast from New York City, USA! This podcast is intended for speakers of all languages. No matter where you’re from, if your goal is to speak English clearly and correctly, this podcast will be of benefit to you. Like most students around the world, your English teachers probably spent little or no time teaching you how to pronuounce English correctly. Perhaps they themselves even had a foreign accent.

This podcast is the key to your success because it will provide you with the knowlegde and ability that you need in order to speak English with an American accent. It’s my experience as a pronunciation specialist that everybody has the ability to speak English clearly -any age, any nationality, any background, any level. There’s no “accent gene” or “accent secret” to speaking clearly and correctly. The answer is training.

Training is the way to acheive the accent that you want. With regular practice and proper instruction, you will begin to master the sounds of English- sound by sound, word by word- phrase by phrase. Clear English pronuncaiton will become a part of who you are. Step by step, you’ll develop a clear understanding of what it takes to speak with an American accent.

Future podcasts will cover the key aspects of American pronunciation:

  • vowels
  • consonants
  • syllable stress
  • intonation
  • connected speech and more!

You will be provided with:

  • Clear instructions how to articulate the sounds of English – how to move your tongue, lips and jaw
  • Practice exercises designed to develop clear, accurate vowels and consonants
  • the rules of syllables stress -how to determine which syllable of a word should be stressed
  • the rules of American intonation: examples, explanations and exercises for the intonation patterns of English
  • Connected speech lessons- how to connect sounds and words together smoothly- just like a native speaker would.

Your questions comments and suggestions are appreciated! Contact us at:  contact@englishpronunciationpod.com I look forward to our future lessons together!