About Charles Becker

My name is Charles Becker and I teach accent reduction and accent elimination. I teach accent reduction because I realize that many people have professional and social goals which require them to be understood by others. Some people, such as actors and singers, may even be required to sound exactly like a native speaker.

That’s where I come into play. I have the understanding and ability to show you, how to produce the sounds of English just like a native speaker would.

I was born and raised in the United States and most importantly, right here, in New York City. This lifetime experience has exposed me to virtually every accent known to the English language. I was educated right here in Manhattan, at Hunter College, perhaps the most culturally diverse school in the nation. At Hunter, I began my career as an ESL teacher, tutoring students from all over the world. After graduation, I moved on to teaching ESL in classrooms around the city. I have taught at The New York Association for New Americans (NYANA) and Cambridge School among others. I have over ten years experience teaching English as a second language privately and in the classroom.

I am the author of Best Accent Training an English Pronunciation course in mp3 format which is sold online and used by people around the world. I’m also the host and creator of a weekly podcast: English Pronunciation Pod.

Teaching is something which I truly enjoy. My area of expertise is pronunciation. Perhaps, my passion for teaching pronunciation comes from the fact that I have lived abroad and know the challenges that students face, from my own experience. I also have extensive musical and vocal training which helps my students learn how to really sound like an American. I am a patient teacher who produces fast results at prices you can afford. My rates are low compared to what most specialists charge. Discounts are available. Lessons are conducted at my home which is centrally located in Manhattan. If you prefer, we can meet at a public place which is convenient for the both of us.

Please contact me at charlesbecker@beckeraccentreduction.com to schedule your first lesson and learn about my affordable rates!

I look forward to hearing from you!