MP3 Training Course

How it Works:

Improving your pronunciation and reducing your accent requires the right training tools.

Best Accent Training mp3s is a powerful and effective English pronunciation and accent reduction course in mp3 and pdf.

It’s a fast and easy download that’s simple to use.

Put this training course on your  smartphone, tablet, laptop or mp3 player and practice wherever you go!

Created by accent reduction specialist Charles Becker of the USA, it is specially designed for anybody who wants to improve their English pronunciation.

No matter what your first language is, Best Accent Training has the lessons you need.

Our training program contains hundreds of training exercises on every aspect of English pronunciation.

Accent Reduction is primarily a physical activity- you learn by doing

Doing these exercises, you’ll create new habits, and build “muscle memory”-the ability to do something automatically, without thinking.

Through regular practice, the end result will be the ability to communicate in English clearly and confidently with an American accent.

It’s one single course with everything for anybody who understands that pronunciation matters.