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Learn how to speak English clearly and correctly with accent reduction and English pronunciation specialist Charles Becker.


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Anyone Can Do It!

Everyone is capable of speaking English with clarity and proper pronunciation. There is no trick to it. There is no “good accent gene” that some people have and others do not. The ability to speak English clearly and accurately is simply an awareness of the sounds of the language, and a knowledge of how and when to produce them. Some people pick these sounds up more quickly than others, but everyone, no matter their age or background, can improve. All it takes is a willingness to learn and the time to practice. You, too, can achieve a near-native accent! Let Charles help.

Elly Han

Charles is truly an amazing teacher. I had tried other accent teachers before him but I wasn’t left believing that I could “get rid of ” my Korean accent. But Charles approached it all in different way and he was spot on. His teaching methods and knowledge literally changed my perspective on mastering English pronunciation and the American accent. Charles clearly showed me how to adjust the specific positions and settings of my tongue, lips and jaw as well as my vocal resonance. Game changer! I’ve been going to see Charles regularly and many people, especially casting directors recognize how much my accent has disappeared! I highly, highly recommend Charles. He is simply the best.

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Meki Saldana
Actress / Model

“This guy is a hidden gem. If you’ve been searching for that highly proficient but very humble teacher, then look no further! He is the best accent coach I’ve worked with, and I’ve met a few. Charles has a gift to explain everything with ease, and sessions with him are always fun! He is also very patient, and will work with you until you get what you came for; He won’t keep checking his watch and cut you off in the middle of your sentence when your session is done (as I’ve experienced with another teacher). And I LOVE his book that comes with an mp3 audio (which by the way he gives to his students FOR FREE), I owe you a lot Charles, a million thanks!!!”

-Meki Saldana